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Instagram polls are my favourite way of finding out what you all wanna read about and to my surprise, the majority of you seemed intrigued to find out why I no longer eat meat.

Before I begin, I am in no way trying to guilt trip anyone who does eat meat because I have eaten it my whole life up until now and a vegetarian diet definitely does not suit everyone – I’m not even sure how my body will cope without meat as I have relied on it for so long. I just want to give my reasons as you said you’d like to know.

I studied Geography for a year at university and also studied Environmental Science as one of my modules. As part of this, I met a lot of people who were incredibly passionate about vegetarianism as some form of solution in helping save our species and environment. I come from a big meat eating family and the idea had never really crossed my mind, I was clueless as to how I could survive without meat especially as it was such a big part of my daily life.

But, as the months went on, I continued to meet more and more people who didn’t consume meat and was introduced to a lot of vegetarian meals by my friends. I found myself shocked that some meat substitutes such as Quorn mince taste identical to the real thing! I started eating less and less meat until eventually the only meat I ate religiously was chicken. I told myself that if I could stop eating chicken, I would be fine.

But one morning, I was sitting eating a fry up in a pretty gross café and I just wasn’t enjoying my haggis or sausages anymore. I love vegetarian haggis and the real stuff just doesn’t satisfy me as much anymore. I thought that this was the beginning, I was going off meat for good. For lunch, I decided that duck was a meat that had never let me down, but my Wagamamas duck donburi just wasn’t doing it for me anymore.

I decided to cut meat out of my diet without labelling myself as a vegetarian, simply because this label comes with a lot of pressure and I don’t want to be made to feel guilty if I eat some Haribos now and then. We are all different and sometimes our bodies react differently to changes in our diet. I know that whilst I was in France I felt constantly tired because my meals were not as filling but I decided I just didn’t want to eat meat and be disappointed. This was difficult, especially in a country renowned for great meats, but I managed it. However, if one day I decide that I want to eat meat or my body tells me that I need to eat it, I am not going to make myself feel guilty for this.

I want to help make a difference on the planet and contribute to saving animals that are treated badly, but I don’t think guilt tripping people into this is the way forward.

This was simply a choice based on taste.


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