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Recently, I have been thinking a lot about my long term goals in life and what I need to do in order to achieve these. Anyone who knows me understands that if I am passionate about something, I tend to talk about it for a long time, so I thought today I could share some of the things I am passionate about with you all.

I’ve spoken a couple of times about my course change at university and why I made that decision but for those of you who are new to the blog I’ll give a little recap: I decided after my first year of university that the course I was studying – MA Geography – was not sparking my interest as much as I had hoped. I realised that though I will always have a passion for geography, science had always been where my true interests lay and so I switched courses and I am now studying BSc Biomedical Sciences.

The question I – and I’m sure every other student whether at school, college or university – am often asked is: “What are you going to do after you’ve finished university?” And more often than you’d believe, many people enjoy telling you that “you won’t get a job, I have a friend who did that and she works in a shop now”. Maybe your friend wants to work in a shop? Why is there this weird hierarchy amongst university degrees? Let people study what they want to study and continue doing what you are doing.

This topic frustrated me most whilst I was studying geography because, from the outside looking in, people assume that the only job you can get with a degree in geography is as a geography teacher *sigh*. I wanted to be an arctic explorer and despite this being a plausible career choice, I was often given a look of confusion when telling someone this and the response was mostly “Are there many jobs in that?” At the end of the day, there are jobs in every sector of life as long as you are willing to work hard enough to achieve them.

When I changed course, I felt like people were – wrongly – less judgemental of my degree, which was originally titled BSc Medical Sciences. As you can imagine, people assume this was a route into medicine for me and noone ever seems to look down on that. But, this wasn’t what I wanted, I admire people who see the course in that way, but that just wasn’t for me. I simply wanted to study something that I found interesting. I realised soon after that I was so immensely passionate about science and anatomy that I wanted to share this passion with others.

So… what are my long-term goals then?

  1. Become a teacher – but why? Why am I so passionate about this? I believe every child should have access to a good education. If it weren’t for some of the amazing teachers I had at school, I would never have been so interested in my degree and I believe every child should have at least one teacher that makes them want to work hard and learn more. I was lucky enough to have a few of these but I know that some children don’t have this luxury and so I want to become the kind of teacher I loved whilst I was at school.
  2. Travel everywhere that I can before I enter the real world. I want to conjure up as much knowledge as I possibly can about other countries and cultures. Geography may not seem as important as you first think, but it is everywhere and despite no longer studying it, I am still keen to share the importance of the subject with anyone that I can.
  3. Save money. I never thought I would hear myself say that; I believe in enjoying yourself and making memories whenever you can. But personally, I really need to stop going on spontaneous trips away and eating take away food.

So there’s a few of my life goals that I am currently focussing on. I know this was a very rambly post but this is something I have wanted to talk about for a while now so I hope you all enjoyed it. Please don’t ever feel intimidated by anyone when asked where you are going in life, as long as you are happy and enjoying yourself, everything will work out.



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