I head off on my interrailing trip tomorrow so I thought that some people might be interested in what I’m taking with me for 34 days of travelling. I haven’t gone into detail about every single piece of clothing don’t worry, just some useful items I like to take with me when I go away for a while.

1. The Rucksack

Last year, I found that the top-loading rucksack I took with me was far too big for me and not the most comfortable of bags. As it was an 80 litre (approx.) rucksack, this meant that I filled it with 80 litres worth of clothes which I didn’t need in the slightest. So this year, I decided to invest in an Osprey rucksack which I have had my eye on for a while now. The Osprey Farpoint 40L rucksack is possibly the comfiest bag I have ever had on my back. It is a front-loading backpack which I find particularly appealing as I found packing and unpacking was a chore last year. It also has pockets for everything and has carry-on dimensions which has saved me money on flights as it fits perfectly in the overhead lockers. It is a little more expensive for a 40L rucksack, retailing at £100 on the official Osprey website but I managed to find it on Trekitt for £72. They also have the choice of Volcanic Grey or Jasper Red.

Osprey Farpoint 40L Front Loading Rucksack in Jasper Red

2. Clothes

When packing clothes I always try to go for lightweight materials that won’t add too much weight to my rucksack and that will easily roll up. Last year, I took two weeks worth of clothes with me on my travels with the intention of putting on a washing when I ran out of clothes. This year, I have a little less space so there isn’t quite two weeks worth, but enough to last me a good while. In order to pack these easily, I use packing cubes – the ones I am using this year were a gift from Jamie’s mum but you can get them for really cheap on amazon.


3. Toiletries

I always find toiletries to be the most awkward part of travelling because they take up a lot of weight allowance and there’s always the worry that they will spill in your bag. For this trip, I’ve found a bit of a solution for my usual worries and I’ve reduced the number of toiletries I’m taking with me by investing in a dry shampoo bar and soap from LUSH. These are easily portable and extremely environmentally friendly. The soap that I bought – mechanic – is great for all situations and can even be used in rivers as it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. This is perfect for any hikes and so will be particularly useful in Croatia!

In terms of make-up, I tend not to wear any when I am away other than a little bit of mascara as I find it just sweats off and I feel gross after. I do however, rely on moisturiser whilst I’m away as I have extremely dry skin and the sun does not help this. So I have condensed my make up bag down to the Superdrug Vitamin E Day Cream and Moisture Serum, Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara and a few glitters for Sziget festival at the end of my trip. I’ve also made sure to throw in some roll-on deodorant and a little suncream.



4. Electronics

When I go travelling, I tend not to take any electronics with me but this year I’ve decided that I want to take some with me for in the evenings as I am travelling solo and I want to be able to update my blog regularly whilst I am away. For this reason, I’m taking my old laptop, my Sony a6000 mirrorless camera, a Zagg portable charger and my phone which I’ve made sure has enough data so that if I get lost anywhere it’s not a problem.


5. The important stuff

I won’t make the same mistake as Jamie did in Bangkok – touch wood – so I’ve made sure I have my passport, interrail pass and Revolut card. My Revolut card is one of the most useful things I’ve come across for travelling, it’s a travel card that has a really useful app for you to manage your money. It also prevents horrific bank exchange rates and uses the correct exchange rate at that specific time, saving a lot of money. I absolutely swear by this card.

I also like to bring a little notebook and pen with me on my travels for any stories that I feel I need to write down or any ideas I might have for my blog.


I hope this little guide might help any of you who are trying to work out whether you really need that fluffy jacket that you bought in 2010 and only wore once whilst you are on your travels.


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