After five days in the massive city of Barcelona, Prague was a lovely peaceful break. I was staying in Hostel Ananas right in the centre of the city in Wenceslas Square. It was situated in a shopping centre and had everything I needed right on my doorstep.

On the first night, I arrived late in the evening and wanted to do nothing but eat and read my book so I dropped my bag off and headed out for some pasta before spending the evening planning the next few days. I decided that the following day I would visit the castle across the Charles Bridge and the Astronomical Clock in the centre. However, things didn’t go to plan as the next day I discovered that the Astronomical Clock was under construction so the only sight I got of it was a picture pasted on a large board. This was disappointing but I have a habit of being in places when their main attraction is under construction or has some weird art installation (*cough* Carcassonne *cough*). Prague wasn’t really striking me as my favourite place I’d ever been, especially considering how rudely I had been treated in the majority of shops and restaurants, especially Oliva Verde – don’t visit here if you’re in Prague, it’s overpriced and they treat all their customers poorly. However, I didn’t want to let this ruin my day so I headed to the Charles Bridge to get some photos and enjoy the views of the river. This was a bit more relaxing than the first half of the day, although the climb up to the castle really did take it out of me.

The following day I wanted to visit the Lennon Wall before I went to a concert of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in the evening. This was confusing to find but worth it in the end and some lovely girls from York offered to take my photo for me. There was a man playing ‘Let it Be’ in front of the wall which made for a lovely atmosphere especially since the sun was shining. I left the wall and wandered around in the sunshine hoping to catch some form of a tan before I headed to the Clementine Cathedral for the orchestra. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all that it was made out to be. We were all under the impression that it would be a full orchestra playing the full set of the Four Seasons but it was evident we were all a little disappointed by the lack of instrumentalists and the fact it was difficult to see or hear anything if you weren’t sitting in the first two rows. The talent of the players and singer is undeniable, I think we were all just expecting it to be on a much larger scale. To make up for this, I wanted to listen to some live music and luckily I came across an Irish pub which had live music on at 9pm so I decided to wait for that and have a few drinks. To my delight, I found that this pub – The Irish Times – sold blue wkd and I was in my element for the rest of the night. The band – who didn’t have a name unfortunately as they were fairly new – played some of my favourite songs and it really made me feel at home and a bit less lonely than I had previously felt.

However, I was still feeling pretty down and having so much time to think and be in your own head does get fairly draining so I decided that I would have to cut my trip short and come home before I went to Croatia with my friend Rachel. Before I did this though, I made sure to book a night in Budapest as this was one place I really wanted to see before I went home. So I changed some dates and some hostels and decided to head to Budapest a day early.

I still had one final day in Prague though, which I spent at the Museum of Steel Figures and doing some shopping. The museum was very odd but I really enjoyed it, especially getting to sit on the Iron Throne (despite the photo being terrible).

I spent the evening relaxing before my 5.51am train to Budapest.



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