My trip to Budapest was short but very very sweet. After feeling very homesick and lonely whilst travelling, I made the decision to come home after a quick stop in Budapest to look after myself before Croatia. I have realised that sometimes you have to listen to your gut and do what’s best for you without worrying about anyone else’s opinions.

Although I only had one day in Budapest – and therefore a lack of photos – I spent this day at the wonderful Gellért Baths. These aren’t the main baths in the city but I was told they were more relaxed and less touristy so I thought they would be perfect for me. I loved just having the day to myself to chill out and read and go at my own pace but I did love that when I went back to my hostel I met some pretty amazing people and had some great company which I was definitely in need of.

I think that travelling alone can be the most liberating feeling. You can do whatever you please without worrying about pleasing anyone else but yourself. On the other hand, it can be extremely lonely but it made me feel better to hear other solo travellers say the same thing. I think I threw myself into this trip too quickly. I have only recently felt that I am finally overcoming my anxiety and depression so to go away by myself gave me too much time in my own head which caused my anxiety to flare up again.

At least I’m now able to notice when I need to take a breather and take care of myself for a little while and I’m so glad that I did. My week at home gave me some time to calm down and I’m now enjoying myself in Croatia.


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