I often find myself curious as to other people’s resolutions for the New Year and though we are a little bit further into January, I thought it was still appropriate to talk about what my goals are for the year of 2019. I’d like to refer to them as goals rather than ‘resolutions’, as resolutions insinuate commitment and I feel that it’s important, as humans, to understand that sometimes we simply can’t commit to everything. There are always obstacles and it’s okay if you don’t quite achieve every single thing that you set out to do this year!

For 2019, I decided that my main goal was to be a generally nicer person. While I consider myself quite friendly and hopefully approachable, I have the worst resting face and can look as though I am in a bad mood when in fact, I could be having the most incredible day. I am trying to make a conscious effort to say hello and smile to everyone when I see them. I always find that a smile goes a long way, especially when you are having a bit of a bad day. On this note, I have been trying to practise some of the values taught in stoicism by accepting that I cannot control every situation and that there is no point in worrying about things that cannot be changed – something I found extremely difficult in previous years.

In terms of physical goals, I have signed up for the Edinburgh half marathon (i.e. 13.1 miles of RUNNING). Those who know me will probably be sat thinking “What on Earth does she think she is doing?” and to be honest, I have no idea. I had a lot of respect for my grandpa who ran several marathons and half marathons when he was younger and so I felt that I’d like to get a taste for it myself. I also decided that I’d like to raise more money for charity this year and so I am using this half marathon as an opportunity to raise awareness and money for Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis. I’ve got to say, before I started training for the half marathon, I truly believed I was incapable of doing anything like this; last year, I attempted to run a mile and thought I would collapse I was so tired and in pain. But running has, in a way, given me some sort of strange purpose? I don’t know if that makes much sense, but I feel this overwhelming sense of achievement everytime I reach a little milestone (I’ve currently managed to get to 2.5 miles!). This kind of pride in myself is a brand new feeling and I think this year I need to start believing in myself because I can do this!

My goal for the Summer is, obviously to travel but to also get some kind of work experience related to my degree. I would love to work in a lab over the summer and explore different routes that my degree could take me. On the other hand, I have started an online course in teaching English as a foreign language so maybe I’ll end up a lot further from a lab than I thought!

In terms of my blog, I think I’d like to start posting more day to day things. My life is pretty unremarkable during the months leading up to Summer but I am trying to throw myself into my work and training for the half marathon this semester so maybe I could keep you all updated on that kind of thing!

I know it was short and a bit more informal but thought it was time for a little update!


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