Finally, after many many months: a travel blog! I have been getting cabin fever sitting around with no travel plans but we have finally booked an adventure for June 2019.

Unfortunately this summer will not be a month long travel expedition as I suppose at some point I need to do work. This year I am so lucky to have an amazing internship right here in Dundee but I’ve managed to squeeze in just about two weeks of travel.

I have put up some pretty (un)cryptic instagram posts regarding abandoned buildings and the likes so I guess I should tell you that for my boyfriend’s 21st we are going to explore the beautiful abandoned grounds of Chernobyl! Whilst not everyone’s first choice, Jamie and I are so excited to visit somewhere a little off the beaten track and I will make sure to be a little bit more proficient in photography when the time comes. But since it’s his 21st, I suggested to Jamie that we spent a little time somewhere else where there is a bit more to do. He is a major lover of Greek mythology – just mythology in general to be honest – so I said “Why not Athens?!”

I visited Zakynthos (Zante) back in 2012/13 – I can never remember exact dates – with my family – not really a family holiday destination but my grandpa and I coaxed everyone into booking it as we wanted to venture somewhere different from Tenerife. I don’t think this was our best idea, but we have a good laugh about it now. I have always wanted to see mainland Greece and, after being with Jamie for almost three years, I have developed a curiosity for Greek mythology myself. I am super excited about this and will have a little itinerary up for anyone who is thinking of visiting.

I learned some lessons from my last few adventures: note the names of good food places; note the names of companies who gave good customer service and were good value for money and; savour every moment without worrying about what is to come. So rest assured these trips will have far more detailed blog posts!

In terms of my blog, I am feeling motivated to write more and be a bit more creative, I just haven’t had the time or energy recently due to some personal issues. If there’s anything you guys would like to hear about (whether it be uni related, travel related, lifestyle related) please let me know via my instagram!

Sorry for such a short update, much more to come on this adventure!


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